Solar Deck Lights Waterproof Led Solar Lamp Outdoor Warning Warm Light for Steps Decks Pathway Yard Stairs Fences 16 Pack

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Manufacturer Description

Wattage: 0.12 watts
Material: ABS
Light color: warm white
Light brightness: 3 lumens
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Color: Brown + white
Other features: weatherproof
Rechargeable battery (replaceable)
Each Light Dimension: 3.46 x1.77 x 1.85 inches.

1. Number of solar deck lights, quick to install, convenient and practical.
2. When the light is dimmed, the led solar lamp will automatically light up, warm light will not sting your eyes, no need to carry extra lighting tools.
3. Led solar lamp solar panel is 100% waterproof, high quality polycrystalline silicon solar panel, tightly sealed battery box can withstand a variety of environments, windproof and durable.
4. Led solar lamp not limited by the geographical environment, gardens, steps, walls, fences, lanes, suitable for any place you want to illuminate.
5. The solar deck is energy-saving, durable, does not cause environmental pollution, realizes a green earth, protects our homeland, is no longer an empty talk, and puts action into life appliances.

Friendly reminder: Prolonged exposure to wet spaces may shorten the life of the solar base light. Since the power supply may be lost during long-term transportation, we recommend testing for about 3 days before fixing it to the ground. If there is any problem with the solar deck light, please feel free to contact us.

Package Includes?
16 X Led solar lamp
32 X Screws
16 X glue

Product Features

?Solar Automatic Charging?: Solar power is called the most ideal new energy, our solar lights are equipped with high-quality Led light source chips, high-quality polycrystalline silicon solar panels, durable ABS casing, long life of solar cells, as long as the sun exists, our solar energy The battery can be used for a long time in one investment and does not cause environmental pollution. ?IP44 Waterproof?: Led Solar Lamp 100% waterproof solar deck, durable ABS shell, high quality polysilicon solar panel, tightly sealed battery box can withstand a variety of environments, will not rust, durable throughout the year, no need to worry about quality issues. ?Convenient and Practical?: Solar Deck Light 16 Pack, no need to install the solar deck light in the place where the outdoor sunlight can reach. When the night falls or bad weather, the solar deck light will automatically light up, you don't have to be too dark when entering the house. Worried, solar charging, convenient, energy saving, and safe. ?Wide Range of Uses?: Solar Deck Light sufficient quantity, compact body, not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, can take advantage of the building roof, suitable for any place you want to install, you can use screws or double-sided adhesive to fix, quick installation On the road, steps, decks, driveways, gardens, sidewalks, backyards, etc. ?Soft Lighting?: The warm light of the solar deck lights will be more emotional, and the warm light will give a more warm and relaxed feeling, which can create a more comfortable environment. Most people think that white light means light makes people feel more spiritual, but relatively lacks warm feeling, because warm light is more suitable for the eyes, not so glaring, is an essential protection for the family, the child's eyes, no It will be annoying because the light is too glaring.

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